Ok, so you got a new computer and software, new interview clothes, maybe some great new shoes, Internet access and other stuff so you could start your job search. And now you’re sending out resumes, making some calls and hoping you hear back. But these days a job search can’t be a passive exercise; it’s work and it’s hard.

You need an outlined job search plan, a contact tracking system, a compelling resume and fantastic networking skills. And you have to be able to tell a total stranger what you’re about in a way that will make them want to help or hire you.

You could attend a resume class here, read a book there (and there are some great ones), go to an occasional networking event and then add it all together and make a coherent, successful plan. And then you could make a decent fat-free muffin and split the atom. That would probably be easier.

AfterSchool takes critical job search information and makes it easy to understand and implement. Our class sizes are small and friendly and we encourage discussion. We’ve spent years in the job search world and can address all the issues that can keep you from your goal. So take a look around and see how we can put you on a positive path to finding your first job. We’re also creating a community so not only can you learn from us you can learn from each other. So go beyond the resume, find your voice, define your brand, use your network and speak up!