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When you're coming out of school you're lacking experience, and this is invaluable.

– Brendan O. 

With unemployment among recent and current college graduates at an all-time high, it’s hard not to get discouraged. Employers are hiring entry-level job seekers, but not as many, and now they have their choice of the best ones. The best ones aren’t necessarily more brilliant or better qualified than you, but they do know how to make a job search pay off.
Do you know how to find opportunities, network effectively, and outperform other applicants?

Getting a handle on this stuff now will immediately better your job possibilities but it will also go beyond today. Chances are you’ll be changing jobs every few years (the average job tenure for those under age 34 is less than 2.7 years; and only 4.1 years for the entire working population, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics-yikes!).

You’ll be in some form of a job search throughout your career. But don’t panic, because with what we’ll teach you, you can minimize your job changes and stay with a company you love for years longer.

We are charging a registration fee for this workshop because it’s prepared and delivered at a professional level. This is not just a “sit and listen” thing, we encourage and sometimes demand discussion! You’re going to need to be aggressive in your job search so participation here is essential. How affordable is it? If what you learn with us helps you get even a part-time job just one week sooner, it will have paid for itself! And over the life of your career, many times over. You’ll learn to always have a little part of your brain tuned to your network and new possibilities.

Registration gets you this:
• A one-day workshop (9:00-3:30, including snacks and lunch), full of information, how-to’s, practices, drills, and hands-on customized planning for your own search.

• Thirty days of follow-up consultation by phone and email with Lisa or Kathryn to address your individual needs or maybe just a pep talk before an interview.

• Ongoing access to the members-only AfterSchool Career Workshops community, for downloads, forms and worksheets, and other resources, for your current search and beyond.


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